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Using a photo background will help you to:

✅ Take better photos -> more likes and comments

 Create consistency -> beautiful feed

 Create a color theme that you can stick to


As an experienced photographer you know that everything in front of the lens is crucial for the perfect shot.

We have done our best to create the most versatile and easy to use photo backgrounds.

If you’re still considering how a Mini Background can help you to take better photos here’s how.

Green marble photo background

Realistic texture

The print is high resolution which makes the details realistically clear

60 x 80 x 0,3 cm

The size makes it easy to handle, store and bring to other locations


The board is made of aluminium which makes it strong and easy to wipe clean

Anti-glare surface

We have done our best to reduce light reflections by choosing a matt surface

It’s a board

It’s not a soft poster photo background which makes it much easier to handle and use as a vertical backdrop

Light weight

Only 1,68 kg is much lighter than real wood, marble, concrete etc. Makes it easy to bring to shoots out of the house

Businesses we have helped with their branding

Logo for Callebaut Chocolate
Logo for Simple feast
Logo for Arla
Logo for Garbanzo
Logo for Kadeau
Logo for Banana


Made to help home photographers, instagrammers, influencers, restaurants, and small businesses to succeed! Perfect for taking astonishing photos of small products and accessories like jewelry, watches, ceramics, homeware, bags, wallets, makeup, and of course, food. Our photo backgrounds are for you who run a restaurant, café, design jewelry, is a recipe developer, instagrammer, or in any other way feel creative and want to show your work.

Click below and see how you can take your project to the next level with better photos.

Portrait of Josefine Joergensen, blogger at

I’m SO happy with my Mini Background! The material is resistant, can easily be cleaned with a wet cloth, and the hard material makes it possible to use the surface as a standing background.

– Josefine Jørgensen

Portrait of smiling girl Marie Klee, blogger at

I have never experienced it to be this easy to use a photo background. Mini Backgrounds is the best possible solution when you work with food styling where everything sometimes goes fast.

– Marie Klee

Portrait of smiling girl Louise Knygberg, blogger at

As a content creator I have tried different poster backgrounds for my photos. Poster backgrounds just break too easily, and that’s why I prefer Mini Backgrounds because they are stronger and more durable.

– Louise Knygberg

Portrait of Johanne Mosgaard

I have five backgrounds from Mini Background and they are my all-time favorites! I use them for both food photography and video for my website Englerod but also when I create content for my clients in my company Magic Marketing

– Johanne Mosgaard


A quick guide to take astonishing food photographs for your blog, social media or clients