Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get in contact with you

Our contact information

Company name: Mini Background ApS

Address: Centerparken 32, 1st floor right

Zip code: 2500

City: Valby

Country: Denmark

CVR/VAT number: 39998696


What is your privacy policy

You can read more about our privacy policy in our terms and conditions which you can find here.

Can I see the backgrounds in real life somewhere

Unfortunately, we don’t have a physical shop anywhere. But we guarantee that you won’t get disappointed about the quality.

Can I have my own photo on one of your boards

Send us an e-mail on including

1. your photo in highest possible quality

2. how large you want the background to be

3. how many backgrounds you would like

4. your contact information and where you want it shipped to

What is the size of the backgrounds

The backgrounds measure 60 cm x 80 cm x 0,3 cm.

What are the backgrounds made of

The backgrounds are made of a plastic core surrounded by a thin layer of aluminum. Food which is supposed to be eaten shouldn’t get in contact with the surface since the backgrounds are not meant to act as kitchenware nor to serve food on.

How should I handle my photo background

Cleaning You can wipe it clean with a wipe cloth – dry or wet it doesn’t matter, you can do both. But don’t use any other chemicals than soap on it.

Storage The surface can be affected by daily exposure to sunlight, so don’t keep your background stored in direct sunlight. Of course, it can be exposed to sunlight when it’s in use, so don’t be afraid that it will affect it easily. You can even use your background indoor and outdoor – even when it’s raining! But don’t store it outdoor for a long period of time.

Surface Even though the surface is made from aluminum and is pretty hard and durable, we do not recommend you to slide any sharp objects across the surface. Sharp equipment like knives and forks or rough materials like ceramic or stoneware can course scratches and damage to the surface.

What is a double-sided background

We have decided to combine some of our popular texures so that you can buy two textures on one board. That means, that it’s not possible to freely choose which ones you would like to combine. We have premade some double-sided backgrounds which you can see in the shop among our other backgrounds.

How long do I have to wait for my background

Since we only deliver to Danish customers so far, we can’t ship to other countries at the moment.*

Expected delivery time in Denmark: 4-10 days.

For backgrounds out of stock you can expect up to 4 weeks of waiting time.

*Please let us know if you want us to ship to your country so that we will know which countries we should ship to in the future. Please send an e-mail to

How will I get my parcel

All orders will be delivered directly to your door or to the nearest post office where you can pick it up.

For all parcels we only use environmental friendly packaging. We either reuse clean wrapping from other companies or use cardboard made from reused fibers. Even the tape is environmental friendly and make use of natural rubber as glue.

What if my country is not on the shipping list

Since we only proceed orders from Danish customers so far, we would be thankful if you would let us know which country you would like us to ship to in the future. Please e-mail us at

What is the shipping fee to my country

Below you can see the estimated delivery fees. Since we only proceed orders from Danish customers so far, you can only see how much the delivery fee is for a background send to a Danish address.

Denmark: 80 DKK

What if my product was broken when I recieved it

If your product was broken at the time when you received it, then let us know as soon as possible. Write us an e-mail at with your order number and an explanation of your situation. Please attach at least one photo of the broken parcel or product.

Can I give a giftcard to the shop

Send us an e-mail at and we will make a unique promotion code worth the amount you would like to give a gift for. Please note, that we do not proceed orders from out of Denmark at the moment.

Can I be part of your affiliate program

Send us an e-mail at with a link to your website, Instagram profile or blog and tell us why you want to be part of our affiliate program and how many sales you expect to make.

May I use photos from your website on my blog

All content whether it is pictures, logo, videos, graphics or text may not be used in any form without written permission from Mini Background. Read more about our intellectual property rights in our Terms and conditions section.

Even though we are strict, we are also very open-minded about giving permission to people who ask and give a good reason to let them use our content. So send us an e-mail at and tell us what content you would like to use and for which purpose.