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Back then…

Back in 2016 I realized that there was no place to buy realistic looking photo backgrounds made specifically for bloggers and instagrammers – people who once in a while had a need for taking photos of small objects in their own home. Whether it was photos of freshly home cooked food or fashion objects like watches or jewelry. I decided to made some wooden backgrounds to test if they could work as a background for food and product photography.


Later on…

After successfully testing the wooden backgrounds I developed a wider range of backgrounds. This time some more versatile and durable photo backgrounds with different textures printed on light weight boards. Now it became easy to take astonishing good-looking photos which would create eye catching content, ready to be published in a blog post or on social media like Instagram.

Not only were the Mini Backgrounds useful to small bloggers and influencers, but also to people working professionally with food and product photography. People like recipe writers, creative artists, handcrafters and creative companies. And that’s where we are today.


Thanks for reading and good luck with your projects!

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