Have you ever tried using soft poster or vinyl backgrounds that won’t lay flat on the table when you want to shoot? So have we. If you felt like us you probably had to place heavy objects in every corner to prevent the background to fold or roll back into the tube format. From talking with people like you we also know that those poster backgrounds easily break, get damages or wrinkles because of the thin paper material. Wrinkles causes unwanted reflections and makes the background look unrealistic when it’s obvious that the printed material is fake and not the real deal.

The above mentioned experiences has lead us to choose to offer you stiff boards instead of soft annoying background that won’t bring you the photos you really want. Buying a stiff board will save you from spending any more money on cheap backgrounds that will end up cost you more in the long run. A board won’t bend or break (unless you are really strong, gets frustrated and want to destroy something) and doesn’t need any heavy objects on it to keep it flat on the table.

Further more you can place the boards where you can’t place soft backgrounds. Places like on a chair, small table, kitchen counter, windowsill etc. Another great thing is that you can use the boards standing vertically as a classic backdrop. You can even combine two backgrounds so one is laying down flat and the other one is standing behind and still change just one of them so that you can create endless combinations of materials and keep experimenting with the appearance of you photos until you find the perfect fit for what style you want in each photo.

60 cm x 80 cm


In collaboration with our customers we have found the perfect size for an all around photo background. The size of 60 cm x 80 cm is what our customers have told us is a great size for a photo background. It’s made in specifically this size because – like most of our customers – you probably also shoot photos of smaller thing and often do it at home where you have to put the background on a table, floor or on a windowsill. The format of 1:1,3 where one side length is 1,3 times the other, is also what most cameras work with. That means that you will have the largest possible area to work with when you’re styling.

The size combined with a thickness of only 3 mm and a weight of only 1,68 kg is what makes the Mini Backgrounds so easy to handle and move around – even if you are shooting out of the house and wanna bring it with you to another location.

Not only is the size practically when you’re shooting your photos but also when you want to store the backgrounds for next time. Most people have space underneath their bed, behind a door or on top of their closet where you can hide your backgrounds when they are not in use.



We all know that the perfect food photography sometimes require some creativity, being messy and dropping food all around when you’re styling the photo. Because of that we wanted to create a background where you have the freedom to play around with your food and products without being too nervous if you can ever get your background clean again. Your creativity shouldn’t be limited by a soft poster that can’t get wet or get spilt on because it will soak into the paper and make it useless for the future. That’s waste of money too!

We have managed to create a background that can resist most types of liquid and colored food. All you have to do is to clean it with running water or a wet cloth. Further more we have selected a material that is hard so even if you put fairly heavy stuff on it, it won’t leave any marks on the surface.

Anti-glare surface


Nothing like a reflection from a nearby light source can destroy a well composed photo. Enough light is deadly important when you shoot photos but not if it’s at the wrong spot, it comes from a bad angle or there is too much of it.

We know the importance of reducing the reflections as much as possible which is why we have chosen to print our backgrounds on a matt surface which minimizes light reflections from light sources. We can’t say that you won’t experience any reflections, but we have tried our best to minimize the problem as much as possible taking in consideration that the surface must be smooth, resistant and easy to clean after use.

Realistic texture


To create the best photo backgrounds in the world we have focused on creating the sharpest possible print on our boards. We combine extremely high resolution photos with the best printing technique to bring highly rich color and refined textures to you.

Our goal is to get as close to the real thing as possible by focusing on a sharp print with a lot of details. We aim to create a true-to-world experience by printing surprisingly realistic textures where you have to get pretty close with your camera to see the difference between the print and the real thing. Another way we try to bring our work closer to the real thing is when we shoot new textures. We always try to make the print 1:1 in scale so that all details on print will be the same size as in the real world (a few of our backgrounds are not like that). In that way your photos, taken with our backgrounds will look more realistic.



There are always two sides of every story – as people use to say. The same can be said when you talk about a Mini Background. We asked ourself why one side should be left unused when it’s possible to print on both sides. If you choose a Mini Background with print on only one side you can still use that side as a reflector. The back side is white and can reflect extra light into your photos by pointing the board partly towards the light source and partly towards the object you want to capture with your camera.

Choosing a double-sided Mini Background will not only offer you 2-in-1 background but will also save you space since you only have to store one instead of two backgrounds. The price for a double-sided background is only 800,- DKK which is less than two single backgrounds. Just another good reason to invest in a double-sided background.

Since we offer a wide range of selections when it comes to different materials, we can’t have all combinations in stock. If you are looking out for a double-sided Mini Background we encourage you to send us an email at hello@minibackground.com where you can tell us which backgrounds you would like to combine.

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