The quick guide for taking perfect food photographs


Get everything ready and make a test shoot before you cook the meal. Then you will know exactly how you like the photo to be and what to do when the food is freshly made and looks the most delicious.

The background

The right background is in most cases neutral like white or grey with some kind of subtle texture. For a more colorful photo, you can choose a background that has some matching colors to the food.

Light and shadows

Brightness and natural light is everything. Between 12 pm and 3 pm is usually the best time of the day to shoot for a dynamic photo. Shoot nearby a window and use the back of a Mini Background or any other white surface to reflect the light in the right direction to prevent unwanted shadows.

Angle and perspective

Photos taken from above give you more space to present food and props. Try to not capture any of the surroundings in your photo. If you want to shoot from a low angle, you can use more backgrounds to create a vertical backdrop.

Camera and adjustments

iPhone and DSLR-cameras are both fine to use. Aim for a bright photo with a minimum of editing to do afterward. Create some depth in the photo by focusing on one specific element in the photo.


Most photos look great with a neutral background and some colorful dishes. Keep the colors to the important elements in the photo because colors and bright spots will catch the eye and get the attention.


Do not arrange all elements perfectly aligned, but make it look more casual. One way to do so, is to make objects appear only half way into the photo.


Except from the food and the background itself, most great photos require matching props and kitchenware like plates, cutlery and so on.


Instagram, VSCO or Photoshop will do a great job for you when editing your photos. Find your own style, but know that bright and colorful food photographs are the most delicious and likable ones.

Be creative

Go out and be you!

Be creative and find your own style.

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