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Using a photo background will help you to:

✅ Take better photos 👉🏼 more likes and comments

 Create consistency 👉🏼 beautiful feed

 Create a color theme that you can stick to


The world is full of enthusiastic food lovers just like you. It doesn’t makes it easy for you to stand out from the crowd and tell people what you know about food, cooking, recipes, health and nutrition. But how can you make everyone see that you have something important to say? When you think about it you already know the answer. What would make you stop when scrolling down an Instagram feed or blog? BINGO! Eye-catching photos!

One way to attract the attention of your potential followers is to communicate directly to their eyes and deep love for food and health. The feeling which is already inside you and which they share, too. This is why you should focus on transforming your online appearance into something eye-catching. And when the photos are taken you can post them on both Instagram, Pinterest, blog and other places. For free. Taking better photos is simply the best way to get the attention you deserve.

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As an experienced photographer you know that everything in front of the lens is crucial for the perfect shot.

We have done our best to create the most versatile and easy to use photo backgrounds.

If you’re still considering how a Mini Background can help to take better photos here’s how.

Green marble photo background

Realistic texture

The print is high resolution which makes the details realistically clear

60 x 80 x 0,3 cm

The size makes it easy to handle, store and bring to other locations


The board is made of aluminium which makes it strong and easy to wipe clean

Anti-glare surface

We have done our best to reduce light reflections by choosing a matt surface

It’s a board

It’s not a soft poster photo background which makes it much easier to handle and use as a vertical backdrop

Light weight

Only 1,68 kg is much lighter than real wood, marble, concrete etc. Makes it easy to bring to shoots out of the house



Showcase your food in the way it deserves. Style and shoot photos for your next cookbook directly in your own kitchen. You don’t need to hire expensive photographers when you can do the work yourself. Save your money and shoot photos in your own pace. You can even create your own home studio so that you can capture the food when it looks the most delicious.

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I have never experienced it to be this easy to use a photo background. Mini Backgrounds is the best possible solution when you work with food styling where everything sometimes goes fast.

– Marie Klee

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Portrait of Josefine Joergensen, blogger at

I’m SO happy with my Mini Background! The material is resistant, can easily be cleaned with a wet cloth, and the hard material makes it possible to use the surface as a standing background.

– Josefine Jørgensen

As a food creator a proper background is essential. When I first tried Mini Background, the game changed. They are amazing in use, can easily be washed and the material plus size makes it perfect for both flat lay and straight on photos. I love how my colorful food gets a new dimension.

– Alberte Stengaard

Portrait of a smiling girl holding carrots